martes, febrero 28, 2012

Endless in shortness

"But life is short and information endless: nobody has time for everything. In practice we are generally forced to choose between an unduly brief exposition and no exposition at all. Abbreviation is a necessary evil and the abbreviator's business is to make the best of a job which, though intrinsically bad, is still better than nothing. He must learn to simplify, but not to the point of falsification. He must learn to concentrate upon the essentials of a situation, but without ignoring too many of reality's qualifying side issues. In this way he may be able to tell, not indeed the whole truth (for the whole truth about almost any important subject is incompatible with brevity), but considerably more than the dangerous quarter-truths and half-truths which have always been the current coin of thought." 

Brave New World Revisited
Aldous Huxley

From Gutenberg to Zuckenberg, una sorpresa de la mano de grankabeza, que a veces incluso se lee los libros que se compra y no recomienda, evangeliza. Thanx!

jueves, febrero 02, 2012

Bleak days

"La señora Rouncewell es de la opinión que una familia tan importante y tan antigua debe de tener su correspondiente fantasma o aparecido, porque el fantasma es uno de los privilegios de la aristocracia, una distinción a la cual no puede aspirar el vulgo."

La Casa lúgubre, Charles Dickens

Una de las muchas perlas escondidas en 1056 páginas de puro Dickens.